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Overhaul of kanji.sljfaq.org for March/April 2022

The handwritten kanji recognition pages and other pages at the kanji.sljfaq.org web site are undergoing some overhaul work during March or April 2022. The following changes are taking place.

🆕 Shape-based search

A new search method which matches shapes of characters regardless of strokes has been added. This method makes it easier to search for characters where not only the stroke order, but the shapes of the strokes themselves are difficult to guess, such as 卍, 凸, 凹, 亞.

An example of shape-based search

It is currently most useful for simple characters, and it's a bit slow compared to the other searches. See About the "Match shape" option for full details.

🆕 Canvas (HTML5) to be default

The <canvas> drawing method currently labelled as (HTML5) will become the default. The old drawing method, taken from chasen.org in 2008 courtesy of Taku Kudo, will become an option for users who want to keep using it.

The canvas drawing element is standard in all browsers and on all phones now, so there is no reason to keep on using the Kudo system, but people who want to go on using that can choose "Handwritten (old)" on the menu. You can also choose to turn off the coloured strokes at Tùy chọn by unchecking "Use multicoloured strokes" under "Draw options".

🆕 "Rõ ràng tất cả mọi thứ" and "Hủy bỏ đột quỵ cuối" replaced with icons

The Rõ ràng tất cả mọi thứ and Hủy bỏ đột quỵ cuối buttons underneath the drawing surface have been replaced with icons on the drawing input surface. The layout of controls on Handwritten (old) page is unchanged.

🆕 “bỏ qua đột quỵ” upgraded

The “bỏ qua đột quỵ” search will be replaced by a new and improved search back end based on that of qhanzi.com, but restricted to Japanese kanji only. The qhanzi search back end allows many more variant forms, and also fixes a number of problems with the current system.

Other changes

Stroke order search will be unchanged

The stroke-order search will stay unchanged for the time being. Due to possible technical problems with maintaining the service, the back end may have to be replaced.

Pronunciation lookup removed

The "pronunciation lookup" feature, which was not working, is removed from the codes page.

Nhìn về phía trước (không phù hợp chính xác) made clearer

The meaning of the Nhìn về phía trước (không phù hợp chính xác) checkbox on the Viết tay page has been made more obvious by disabling it when either bỏ qua đột quỵ or Match shape are chosen.

Using the stroke order search, characters with very different stroke counts can be matched.

This checkbox has no meaning for the Match shape search, which ignores individual strokes. The bỏ qua đột quỵ match already matches kanji with any number of strokes, but, because there are so many possibilities, it is biased to matching things similar in stroke count to what the user has drawn.

When ignoring stroke order search, characters with somewhat different stroke counts are matched, and the "look-ahead" button is ignored.

Page layout improvements

Various minor improvements have been made to the web pages. Some changes you may notice include:

📆 Downtime and service interruptions

There may be short system downtime while the changes go into effect. There is also a possibility that stroke-order dependent search will be affected by the change, in which case more work may become necessary. Notices about the exact dates of upgrades will be posted on the discussion group. See the link at the bottom of this page.

🔮 Future plans

The following work is planned but not yet implemented.

HTML change to grid

In the future, all the pages will change over from HTML tables to responsive layouts, probably based on a CSS grid.

Improved non-stroke-order matching

The old non-stroke order matching was not tested for accuracy very extensively. Plans for the new non-stroke order matching include much better testing. It's been heavily tested against the inputs of qhanzi.com, but it may need some work related to changing from Chinese-based to Japanese-based characters.

Improved shape matching

The shape matching will be improved to speed it up and also to make it more accurate. I have put this on the site at an early stage of development because it fixed some big problems of some users, such as people who want to draw kana, or characters with odd stroke orders, but it has a lot of problems dealing with some more complicated characters. Even @k{雨} confuses it. There are also fairly obvious things which can be done to improve the speed of the system which I haven't implemented yet.

Stroke order matching to be replaced

At some point, the underlying code for the stroke-order based matching will be replaced using the code from qhanzi.com. This should hopefully be a user-invisible change. The code is already written and working, but it needs some work to get it to the same level as the existing code, which is currently more fast and more accurate than the qhanzi code, and also uses a completely different underlying structure for storing its data.

English page links to the local dictionary

Currently the default links for kanji lookup go to the Japanese local dictionary. This change was made due to overuse of resources at WWWJDIC. I plan to set up the local dictionary for English language as well.

Stroke order diagram service to be removed

The stroke order diagram service will be removed and replaced by the local dictionary mentioned above. This will also contain variant forms of the character stroke orders.

😠😦🙁😐🙂😀😍 Feedback

Please send your feedback about the changes to me at the email address at the bottom of the page, or if you like you can discuss it at the public discussion forum also given at the bottom of the page.

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